Visitors and residents to the Nutmeg State better ensure they be familiar with where to get professional lice treatment. Connecticut parents and out of state visitors have to be mindful all year round. In the winter, scores of Connecticut families and tourists from all over the world go to local ski resorts to enjoy downhill and cross-country skiing and snow boarding. At lodges and hotels, in ski resorts like Powder Ridge, Woodbury, Ski Sundown and Mohawk Mountain lice may be lurking. Unfortunately, head lice can show up even in snowy areas. In fact, these most unwelcome arrivals take advantage of the close physical contact in crammed winter venues like ski lodges, saunas and additional venues to hike on unwary visitors. So, it’s important to always know how to find lice treatment. Connecticut parents and tourists should all be alert.

Summer Time Lice Treatment

Though we know that head lice are frequent travelers worldwide, the Summer is peak time for families to be watchful at both overnight and day camps. Sad, but true, Connecticut camps have discovered that foreign visitors very frequently bring lice with them from their home countries. To keep away from lice infestations at camps, many now conduct head lice checks on all incoming campers. Very often, they discover that many kids from foreign areas show up at camps with lice. But, well-prepared camp administrators make arrangements ahead of time to have the Lice Treatment Center, LLC® provide head checks and, when needed, immediate lice treatment. Connecticut camps have to be prepared to eradicate lice at camps quickly and professionally lest the fiasco an entire camp season for campers and personnel.

After Summer and all through the academic year, everyone must make sure they know where to find lice treatment. In Connecticut, all parents should carefully monitor their families during and after school vacations if they travel to populous tourist spots, the seashore, local movie theaters and amusement parks. Everyone, local residents and tourists alike, should be careful if they take a trip on buses or in taxis where head lice and nits live repeatedly left behind by other travelers. And when they go back to school after a vacation, kids with unnoticed cases of head lice and nits acquired while gone may transfer living bugs and nits to other classmates who share cubbies and coat closets, gym equipment and locker rooms. So, parents and teachers need to be weary of potential lice infestations and know where to get hold of qualified lice treatment. Connecticut is home to the leading company for dispensing removal services and all natural treatment and prevention products, the Lice Treatment Center®.

Head Lice Treatment and Prevention All Year Long

It’s difficult to avoid mingling with crowds anywhere in during every vacation season. But, you can minimize the chances of getting head lice by frequently using 100% all-natural, non-toxic lice prevention products such as Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and the new Lice Insurance™ Lice Prevention Kits shampoos, conditioners, leave-in hair tonics, fabric and upholstery spray, and helmet spray are excellent preventive products to reduce the the oddsof having to look for professional head lice treatment. Connecticut salons and pharmacies as well as and LTC’s online store propose all LTC products.

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Mothers are no stranger to the disruption a case of head lice can cause? The Lice Treatment Center, LLC (LTC) was founded by moms who understand the urgency of effective removal at school, at camp and-most important, at home.

When faced with a lice infestation at home, parents will often try to deal with head lice removal by buying some typical over-the-counter products such as Rid or Nix. But, some over the counter products are harsh or toxic and may possible not be effective because lice have become resistant to them. Many parents find out that head lice removal is so overwhelming that they immediately start looking for a qualified professional head lice removal service to quickly treat their problem. But, everybody should do their research before asking for a head lice removal specialist into the home to offer head lice removal treatment.

A skilled technician will be sent by the Lice Treatment Center to conduct head lice removal services on-site. LTC’s training program for its technicians was developed by LTC’s co-founder and medical director, Dr. Elin Cohen. Dr Cohen is a licensed pediatrician and lice treatment expert. LTC only makes use of the Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and Lice Insurance™ lines of pediatrician-formulated all-natural, non-toxic treatment and prevention products to conduct its head lice removal treatments.

LTC’s experienced, professional, technicians come equipped with LTC’s own Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ or Lice Insurance™ products plus all the tools required to check the whole family, evaluate the home and treat infested family members. Every person’s hair and scalp will be inspected and if live bugs or nits are discovered, the technician will treat every person using LTC’s proven head lice removal methodology.

The Removal Process After Discovery of Lice and Nits

· Apply Jolis Cheveux™ Lice Treatment Shampoo and massage it thoroughly into the scalp and leave it on the hair for approximately 20 minutes;

· Divide the hair into about 1/8 inch segments. (The shampoo will not kill the lice nits (eggs), which must be removed by carefully combing them out with a professional lice comb.)

· Comb through each section of hair and thoroughly remove any dead bugs and nits (eggs);

· Apply Jolis Cheveux™ Treatment Conditioner, rinse and blow dry the hair;

· Repeat the above sectioning and combing process carefully;

· After hair is clean, apply Jolis Cheveux™ Olive Oil Treatment to the scalp where it must remain overnight;

· Shampoo hair the following morning then comb through the hair to ensure removal of any residual nits or egg shells.

Following treatment, LTC technicians will aid in evaluating the home environment. LTC also offers an in-house lice treatment service designed to help a family get back to normal as soon as possible. Everybody treated must follow a certain aftercare protocol outlined by LTC procedure for at least 7 days to 10 days to ensure total head lice removal.

LTC’s all-natural and non-toxic treatment and prevention products include:

Jolis Cheveux™ by LTC Products

· Complete Lice Treatment Pack

· Complete Lice Prevention Pack

· Olive Oil Treatment

· Lice Treatment Shampoo

· Lice Treatment Conditioner

· Leave-in Hair Tonic Spray

· Fabric and Upholstery Spray

· Daily Lice Prevention Shampoo

· Daily Lice Prevention Conditioner

· Helmet Spray

· Bunk Spray

Lice Insurance™

· Lice Treatment Kit

· Lice Prevention Kit

Liz Solovay writes about lice prevention and removal for the Lice Treatment Center. She promotes the effectiveness in the utilization of professional head lice removal.Find out more at

The experience level and expertise of a nit picker can have a great effect on the long-term effectiveness of lice treatment. Effective lice treatment shampoos and conditioners will eliminate live lice (or bugs) but, they will not kill the nits (or eggs) that are the cause of re-infestation if they are not thoroughly removed. Nits can stay alive after being treated by lice treatment products unless they are manually removed (or picked) from the hair because they are simply “glued” to the hair shaft.

Locate the Help of an Expert

The most effective way to assure lice removal is to call on the expertise of a trained nit picker such as one of Lice Treatment Center’s professionally trained technicians. An LTC nit picker will inspect a child’s or adult’s whole scalp and hair– bit by bit, seeking live lice and nits and then will manually rid the hair of live bugs as well as the lice eggs (or nits). It’s a tedious and time-consuming job and needs exemplary eyesight. The nit picker must not only remove live bugs that have latched onto the hair but also, the tiny lice eggs or nits that cling to each hair shaft. Even though it can be a droning task, nit picking is necessary to functional head lice treatment. An LTC professional nit picker will hunt down nits and get rid of all of them.

Despite the fact that the most effective step in head lice elimination is nit picking, it’s a very long process. Most parents simply don’t have the time to search every strand of a child’s hair for any signs of nits or lice and manually remove lice from their children’s hair. Many parents call a professional nit picker from LTC for that task for them. An LTC nit picker will do all of the messy work needed to ensure that all lice and nits are removed. LTC’s technician will also recommend using the most effective preventive products and practices available in order to avoid future infestations. LTC’s technicians work with only LTC’s very own Jolis Cheveux™ line of all-natural, organic and non-toxic products.

Observation and Careful Aftercare is Key

Some people are really hesitant about acting as a nit picker for their family. A lot of parents are quick to give boys really short crew cuts or chop off a girl’s long hair so as to to prevent lice. This simply isn’t needed. Meticulous nit picking will still be necessary on hair of any length so as to ensure that no tiny, truly difficult to see nits stay attached to the hair shafts. An LTC technician will come to your house equipped with a magnifying light so that he or she can spot those tiny residual eggs. Sometimes even the most meticulous nit picker may not be able to find every last microscopic nit during the first treatment. That’s why aftercare treatment of daily inspecting, oil applications, shampoos and combing must be continued for at least 7-10 days following a lice treatment.

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You get that telephone every parent dreads!

The school’s nurse is informing that your children have attracted head lice. A call like this can usually throw parents into a frenzied search online for companies that offer lice treatments. Many parents know they have got to get good lice treatments for their loved ones as soon as possible after finding a lice infestation on their children, as the longer live lice are left untreated in the hair, the more eggs (nits) will be laid in the hair. This will result in a more harsh and uncomfortable the lice infestation.

Your Possible Options

But, parents need to first ensure that professionals offering lice treatments are established and effective. Before selecting a company from the web, parents may want to call their pediatrician or school nurse or other parents for advice on the best firms providing lice treatments. One well-respected firm, Lice Treatment Center, LLC (LTC) for example, is very much recommended and is owned and operated by a pediatrician. Their all-natural products are physician-formulated so they are safe for use on children.

Although expert, in-home lice treatments can be costly, scores of parents opt for professional help with the droning and laborious lice treatments needed to de-louse their household. Services like those available by Lice Treatment Center normally prove to be economic and time-saving and they significantly reduce stress on the whole family.

Whether a parent attempts to deal with the issue themselves or chooses to call for a professional service, it’s vital that the products for lice treatments are all-natural and non-toxic. Many products made on the market nowadays contain highly irritating usually toxic chemicals that can affect the sensitive skin of kids with rashes and stinging. LTC sells all-natural, non-toxic products under the brand names Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and Lice Insurance™ Kit. These products come very well recommended and have been used successfully for several years. Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and Lice Insurance™ products are pediatrician-formulated and tested. LTC has teams of specialized lice technicians in 18 states from coast-to-coast. Lice Treatment Center technicians conduct in-home and on-site service to thousands of families all over the United States annually. Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ shampoo, conditioner and olive oil products for lice treatments are used exclusively by LTC technicians.

LTC’s professional, on-site services are available 24/7. The expert, LTC technicians who conduct the lice treatments are professionally taught and are compassionate to client’s apprehensions. They typically arrive at a home within a few hours of a phone call. Technicians arrive with all the necessary tools and all-natural, non-toxic products needed to treat an entire family. The technician will inspect the scalp of everybody in the home for active lice infestations and if active infestations are found, the LTC technician will treat them all, removing lice and nits from every head. And if requested, LTC lice treatments can include a home cleaning service as well. Thorough nit picking by LTC’s professionals, followed by thorough aftercare by the family, will ensure highly effective results.

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Woops. Your child has come home from summer camp or vacation with head lice! Soon you’ll discover how many different head lice treatments are available. But, you may not know that the most powerful treatment long-term depends on either locating a professional nit picker or being a proficient nit picker yourself. Various lice treatment shampoos and conditioners can destroy living lice (or bugs), but they do not destroy the nits (or eggs) that bring about re-infestation unless altogether removed. Lice nits (eggs) can survive all kinds of treatment product with inconceivable “stick-to-itiveness” as they are actually fixed with a glue-like adhesive to the hair shaft. Nits will remain viable unless they are manually removed (or picked) from the hair shaft. So, the only absolute method to assure a genuinely effective lice treatment is to call on the services of a professional nit picker such as those employed by Lice Treatment Center LLC (LTC).

Why Call LTC for a Professional Nit Picker?

LTC’s experienced nitpickers will inspect all of the scalp and hair section by section, looking for live lice and nits. If they locate any, they will remove both live bugs and their eggs (or nits) by hand. Being a nitpicker is not an easy job. Nit picking is monotonous, time consuming and needsdemands the patience of a saint with great eyesight! A well-trained nitpicker will take a long time inspecting the scalp looking for lice that have crawled onto the hair from anywhere -another person’s hair, a piece of furniture, shared clothing, hair brushes or any other item used by another infested person. Even though it can be a tiresome process, a good nitpicker will make the difference between effective and non-effective head lice treatment. A great nitpicker will track every last nit possible and get rid of all of them.

Parents may possibly attempt to handle an infestation at first but in the end, just don’t have the days or patience it takes to look for every string of hair and manually remove all the lice and nits. That’s why there are expert nitpickers, such as those technicians from LTC, who will perform that job for them. LTC technicians will do all of the dirty work needed to ensure that all lice and nits are removed. LTC’s professional nitpickers will also recommend the most effective preventive products and practices available to avoid future infestations.

Some parents are extremely horrified to act as a nit picker for their family. Some will even expect giving boys very short cuts or chopping off a girl’s long hair in order to prevent lice. But, meticulous nit picking will still be needed on hair of any length to make sure that no little, super hard to see nits remain attached to the hair shafts. LTC’s professional nit pickers will arrive at the home equipped with magnifying lights that enable them to spot those tiny residual eggs. Even the greatest nit picker wont be able to catch every last microscopic nit within the first treatment, so follow-up care treatment by parents is also important. This involves daily inspecting, oil applications and treatment shampoos, and combing with a special comb must be followed through for at least 7-10 days following a treatment.

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Lice Treatment Options For Your Kid’s Summer Camping Season

It’s time for kids to getaway from home for a sleep-over camp. Helping them prepare for a blissful summer takes a lot of care and preparation. These days, preparation also means making certain kids are prepared should they come across some of the Summer’s nastiest pests… head lice. Prudent parents should inquire the camp directors if they are well-prepared in the event that one one or more campers or staff are found to have a lice infestation. They should inquire about what precautions the camp is taking to avoid a lice infestation and, if needed, what they will do for lice treatment. Will the camp prepare for harmless and effective lice treatment speedily?

If a single camper or employees finds that these pesky little pests are on his or her head, the likelihood is, in a close camp environment, that other people will also be affected. So, a camp director must know how to find professional lice treatment immediately because if lice are left untouched in the hair, they can lay thousands of nits (eggs) in the hair. And the more nits are laid, the more difficult and widespread a lice infestation will become. Though a lice infestation is not dangerous, it can ruin a well-planned summer for both the campers and the camp.

Strategies to Find Effective Lice Treatment

It’s hard to avoid close proximity if you’re sharing accommodations such as camping tents or cabins. Close proximity is just what lice adore. Lice love it when close contact offers them the chance to move from one nice clean head to another- crawling from one head, pillow, sleeping bag, baseball helmet or towel to another. Camps should notify you that they are ready to coordinate for urgent lice treatment should that level of exposure to head lice turn into a lice infestation among its campers and staff.

Options for Conducting Lice Treatment and Prevention

To take on a lice infestation, campground administrators do not normally perform lice treatment. They will probably send a camper back home or arrange for a professional lice treatment technician to deal with the problem. Today, a lot of camp administrators have discovered that prevention is critical. Many camps coordinate for lice checks on the first day and make contracts for urgent lice treatment services throughout the camp season if necessary. They also instruct parents to be proactive in lice prevention, recommending they send kids to camp with lice prevention and lice treatment products like Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and LTC’s new Lice Insurance™ Lice Treatment Kit. These all natural, non-toxic products are available online and in specialized pharmacies and salons. Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ lice treatment shampoo, conditioner, and olive oil lice treatment are the same lice treatment products used by LTC’s experts. Hundreds of families, whether at home or on vacation across the United States, rely on LTC’s lice treatment products and services.

If, during the time at camp, your child requires professional assistance, Lice Treatment Center’s effective, professional, on-site lice treatment services are available 24/7 in 19 states. Be sure and ask your camp organizers if this option is provided by the camp. LTC’s discreet, professionally trained lice technicians will travel to the camp area and provide expert lice treatment in a few hours of a call for help.


Liz Solovay writes about lice prevention and removal for the Lice Treatment Center. She promotes the utilization of professional lice treatment. Find out more at

Based on the wise words of Dr. Elin Cohen, co-founder and medical director of Lice Treatment Center, LLC, the best lice treatment is a mixture of working, all-natural non-toxic products and specialized lice and nit removal techniques.

Dr. Cohen, who’s a board certified pediatrician and lice treatment specialist, significantly researched the most useful approaches to making the best lice treatment system achievable. She developed the LTC’s lice treatment and prevention training program–a must for all LTC professional technicians and is considered to be one of the greatest lice treatment training programs offered. Dr. Cohen also researched and formulated the complete series of all-natural, non-toxic products available from the Lice Treatment Center (LTC) and marketed under the Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and Lice Insurance™ brands. At present, LTC’s combination of products and services is physician-recommended as one of the best lice treatment and prevention systems around.

Choose Lice Treatment Products Carefully

The most common over the counter products for hair lice treatments are pyrethin- or permethrin-based shampoos and rinses, like Nix and Rid. But, these are not the best lice treatment products to utilize. In actuality, several strains of head lice are resistant to these products, some of which are toxic and should strictly be used once a week. Because of this, physicians recommend all-natural and non-toxic like the Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ as one of the greatest lice treatment product choices. These products have proven especially effective in eliminating both live (or adult) lice and their nits (or eggs).

Why are LTC’s products considered some of the best lice treatment products on the market? Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and Lice Insurance™ products contain simply all natural ingredients that aren’t diluted. Thus, these products will be more effective in helping treat and prevent head lice. LTC’s treatment products are safe to use daily for a full week proceeding a treatment to prevent re-infestation. And the preventative products are made in such a way as to be safe for use by children. Although the Jolis Cheveuex™ and Lice Insurance™ products are used solely by Lice Treatment Center’s professional technicians, they can also be effectively used by customers who follow the directions carefully and follow the continuing aftercare instructions.

LTC’s line of hair lice products are its Jolis Cheveux™ environmental sprays-Helmet Spray, Bunk Spray, Fabric and Upholstery Spray. These environmentally safe products are created to be the best lice treatment and avoidance products made specifically to deter and destroy head lice. The helmet Spray is the most potent formula and can be used to keep all shared sports equipment-hats, helmets, mats-lice free. Bunk Spray, our second strongest environmental spray, keeps camp places and housing lice free. And our Fabric and Upholstery Spray is formulated to repel and destroy lice on fabrics. It can be taken to the movies and airplanes and trains for use on any shared fabric surface.

Hundreds of families, camps and schools will agree the Lice Treatment Center LLC provides the greatest lice treatment and prevention services present.

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