If you’ve had your child come back home from school or summer camp with head lice, then you’re most likely busy researching the several head lice treatment methods available. You would be surprised, however, to learn that the most potent of head lice treatment isn’t from the use of special gadgets and doesn’t come in a shampoo bottle. The greatest head lice treatment you can use on your child, or any person suffering from head lice, is nit-picking.

The procedure of nit-picking is the actual manual combing of every section of hair, searching for nits and lice, and removing them as they are located. Nit-picking takes an particularly long time, and needs to be done at least three times a day to find any new lice that have jumped onto the hair from someone else’s, a location, or from an item used by the child. Although it can be a monotonous process, nit-picking truly is one the most effective head lice treatment out there, as you literally stay on top of the lice and eradicate all of them.

But, even though nit-picking is one of, if not the most efficient head lice treatment, it truly is a rather long practice. In this day and age, many parents simply don’t have the time to comb and part their children’s hair, or search every strand for any signs of nits or lice. That’s why there are professional nit-pickers that will do the job for you. These professionals will do all of the dirty work for you, making sure that all the lice and nits are removed. In addition to all of this, professional nit-pickers will also be able to suggest several different kinds of head lice treatment that you might otherwise not have been aware of.

There are some people who are hesitant about nit-picking lice out of their (or their children’s) hair, that they choose to cut the hair or shave it entirely. Of course, you don’t have to go to this extreme. Trimming extremely lengthy hair can be a great help with all head lice treatments; but nit-picking will still need to be done on hair of any length as nits will remain attached onto the hair shaft and can still be difficult to see.

Liz Solovay writes about lice treatment, prevention, and lice removal for the Lice Treatment Center. She promotes Jolis Cheveux, a line of 100% natural head lice treatment products. Find out more by visiting the Lice Treatment Center.