Kids look forward to school vacations, particularly in the winter season. Many families travel together to skiing resorts where sharing accommodations and ski gear is typical. No matter how much fun it can be, it can also be chancy. It’s best to be all set in case one or more of the group require a safe and effective lice treatment. If someone finds that these frustrating little pests are on their head, chances are, in a close proximity environment, others will also be infested. So, they should know how to look for professional lice treatment as soon as possible . If live lice are left untreated in the hair, they may lay thousands of nits (eggs) in the hair. And the more nits they lay, the more extreme and widespread a lice infestation may become.

Tips on Locating Effective Solutions

It’s difficult to avoid close proximity if you are sharing accommodations. It would be acceptable if only head lice didn’t like being up close and personal. Lice like it when closeness and limited space gives them the possibility to shift from one neat clean head to the next. They adore crawling from a shawl, cap or parka hood to another. So, make sure you are prepared should that sort of exposure to head lice result in a lice infestation in your group and require urgent lice treatment.

Your Available Options

To take on a lice infestation, parents can try lice treatment on their own or seek professional help. If they try it without help, parents have to be sure to buy 100% all-natural, non-toxic products such as Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and LTC’s new Lice Insurance™ Kit. These all natural, non-toxic lice treatment products are offered online and in specialized pharmacies and salons. Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ lice treatment shampoo, lice treatment conditioner and olive oil are the same products used by LTC’s professional technicians who provide the type of meticulous in-home and on-site services required to get rid of lice infestations. Many of families across the nation depend on LTC’s products and services.

If while on vacation, you have to find professional help, on-site lice treatment is available from coast to coast. LTC’s effective professional, on-site services are offered 24/7 in 19 states. LTC’s discreet, professionally taught lice technicians will arrive at your setting and provide specialized lice treatment inside of a few hours of a call for service. The technician will bring all the equipment and all-natural, non-toxic products required to treat every person in the group. Technicians will check the heads of every person in the household in order to analyze the severity of the infestation in the household. As soon as all active infestations are identified, the technician will provide service for every person. The technician will also provide suggestions on aftercare and safe removal of lice from luggage, clothing, home and automobile–including how to clean bedding, toys, fabrics, furniture, etc. Vigilant aftercare by all, will ensure very efficient lice removal.

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