It’s easy to say, “Don’t panic!”, if it isn’t your child that’s been diagnosed with a case of lice by the schools nurse. So, do you run out and buy an over-the-counter lice treatment product and try to fix the issue on your own? Perhaps the first time it happens. But, the time after that, no way! The first thing I did when my children came back with cases of head lice again this year was to contact my neighbor who had also gone through “lice” for the second time. She recommended I call the lice removal service company she had called, the Lice Treatment Center.

I was a genuinely interested but needed to be sure it was a qualified lice removal service and they would deploy only expertly trained lice technicians to conduct the treatment. I went on line to read about some services. Several articles stated that it was crucial to select only lice removal services whose technicians are trained professionals. I read that Lice Treatment Center LLC was a lice removal service that utilizes only technicians who are trained in a physician designed protocol and just use Jolis Cheveux by LTC ™ line of all-natural, non-toxic. Lice Treatment Center or LTC was described as an experienced professional lice removal service that come with all the products and tools needed to check the entire family and the home environment and treat any infested family members or guests present. The description stated that individual lice checks involve a careful inspection of each person’s hair and scalp and, if live bugs or nits are found, the LTC technician will treat them using a proven lice treatment system.

I decided to call LTC for their lice removal services. They dispatched a technician within an hour to our house. What a relief! She conducted head checks of all the children and on me. Whew! I didn’t have any! After the inspections, the LTC technician began treatment on both children. My daughter was first. .Each treatment began with a lice treatment shampoo, gently worked it into the scalp and left it on for nearly 20 minutes. Then, the technician sectioned their hair into 1/8 inch segments. She told me that the shampoo doesn’t kill the lice nits, so getting rid of them by combing and picking them out is crucial. By using a combing solution, the lice removal service technician carefully combed through every small area of hair and meticulously removed dead bugs and nits (eggs). After the hair was cleaned, the technician applied lice treatment oil to the scalp and tied the hair back. She stated that any person in the home who was treated should adhere to the aftercare protocol for 7-10 days. She left the set of instructions for us.

Once I had treated their hair, it was time to get rid of the lice from within the home. The technician advised I place all bed linens, towels, and clothes into a hot dryer for 20 minutes. And reminded me to treat hats, scarves, sporting equipment and pillows. The Lice Treatment Center also offer an in-house lice treatment service packaged to help get everything normal again a.s.a.p.. I didn’t do it this time, but… if I ever get another “lice alert” from the school. I’ll know exactly who to phone!