When faced with a lice infestation many people will try to resolve the issue by buying over-the-counter products that might possibly be harsh, toxic and not very effective. More and more people find the problem of getting rid of lice and their eggs (the nits) so overwhelming that they eventually seek qualified, professional, lice removal services that should, quickly and effectively, help resolve their problem.

Lice Treatment Center’s In-Home Lice Removal Service

It’s necessary to research companies that offer lice removal services before requesting they come into your house and provide help. The Lice Treatment Center, LLC (LTC) will send only expertly trained lice technicians to conduct its lice removal services. The LTC lice removal technicians are professionals who are trained in a physician-designed protocol and utilize only the Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ set of pediatrician-formulated all-natural, non-toxic lice treatment and prevention products.

LTC’s Lice Treatment products include:

Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ Olive Oil Treatment, Treatment Shampoo and Treatment Conditioner.

For clearing out lice from the home environment, LTC offers:

Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ all-natural, non-toxic Fabric and Upholstery spray, Helmet spray, and (for camps) a Bunk Spray.

For continuing aftercare and every day use , LTC offers:

Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ Daily Prevention Shampoo, Daily Prevention Conditioner and Leave-in Hair Tonic.

LTC lice removal service’s skilled technicians carry all the Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ products and tools considered necessary to checkout all family members, evaluate the home and perform lice removal treatments on any infested household members or guests present. Lice checks involve a careful screening of a person’s hair and scalp and if live lice or nits are discovered, the technician will conduct treatment using a proven lice treatment protocol.

Once they identify live lice or nits, LTC’s lice removal services technicians will begin treatment as follows:

· Apply Jolis Cheveux™ lice treatment shampoo, rub it into the scalp and leave it on the head for about 20 record;

· portion the hair and separate the sections into tiny segments. (The shampoo will not kill the lice nits, so removing them by combing them out is critical).

· comb through each small section of hair and scrupulously remove any killed off lice and nits (eggs);

· apply conditioner and blow dry the hair;

· repeat the above process;

· when the hair is clean, the LTC lice removal service technician will make sure to apply lice treatment oil to the scalp overnight and shampoo the following morning.

After the LTC lice removal service is completed for those present in the house, LTC technicians will survey the home environment. Lice Treatment Center can deliver all in-house lice treatment services desired to help your family get back to normal as soon as possible.

Aftercare is Critical to Effective, Complete Lice Removal

LTC lice removal service recommends a specific aftercare protocol that the family must follow for, at the very least 7 days in order to ensure complete lice removal. All dead nits and viable eggs must be removed manually otherwise lice will be back.

Liz Solovay writes about lice prevention and removal for the Lice Treatment Center. She promotes the utilization of professional LTC Lice Removal Services.Find out more at http://www.licetreatmentcenter.net