Lice Treatment Options For Your Kid’s Summer Camping Season

It’s time for kids to getaway from home for a sleep-over camp. Helping them prepare for a blissful summer takes a lot of care and preparation. These days, preparation also means making certain kids are prepared should they come across some of the Summer’s nastiest pests… head lice. Prudent parents should inquire the camp directors if they are well-prepared in the event that one one or more campers or staff are found to have a lice infestation. They should inquire about what precautions the camp is taking to avoid a lice infestation and, if needed, what they will do for lice treatment. Will the camp prepare for harmless and effective lice treatment speedily?

If a single camper or employees finds that these pesky little pests are on his or her head, the likelihood is, in a close camp environment, that other people will also be affected. So, a camp director must know how to find professional lice treatment immediately because if lice are left untouched in the hair, they can lay thousands of nits (eggs) in the hair. And the more nits are laid, the more difficult and widespread a lice infestation will become. Though a lice infestation is not dangerous, it can ruin a well-planned summer for both the campers and the camp.

Strategies to Find Effective Lice Treatment

It’s hard to avoid close proximity if you’re sharing accommodations such as camping tents or cabins. Close proximity is just what lice adore. Lice love it when close contact offers them the chance to move from one nice clean head to another- crawling from one head, pillow, sleeping bag, baseball helmet or towel to another. Camps should notify you that they are ready to coordinate for urgent lice treatment should that level of exposure to head lice turn into a lice infestation among its campers and staff.

Options for Conducting Lice Treatment and Prevention

To take on a lice infestation, campground administrators do not normally perform lice treatment. They will probably send a camper back home or arrange for a professional lice treatment technician to deal with the problem. Today, a lot of camp administrators have discovered that prevention is critical. Many camps coordinate for lice checks on the first day and make contracts for urgent lice treatment services throughout the camp season if necessary. They also instruct parents to be proactive in lice prevention, recommending they send kids to camp with lice prevention and lice treatment products like Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and LTC’s new Lice Insurance™ Lice Treatment Kit. These all natural, non-toxic products are available online and in specialized pharmacies and salons. Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ lice treatment shampoo, conditioner, and olive oil lice treatment are the same lice treatment products used by LTC’s experts. Hundreds of families, whether at home or on vacation across the United States, rely on LTC’s lice treatment products and services.

If, during the time at camp, your child requires professional assistance, Lice Treatment Center’s effective, professional, on-site lice treatment services are available 24/7 in 19 states. Be sure and ask your camp organizers if this option is provided by the camp. LTC’s discreet, professionally trained lice technicians will travel to the camp area and provide expert lice treatment in a few hours of a call for help.


Liz Solovay writes about lice prevention and removal for the Lice Treatment Center. She promotes the utilization of professional lice treatment. Find out more at