You get that telephone every parent dreads!

The school’s nurse is informing that your children have attracted head lice. A call like this can usually throw parents into a frenzied search online for companies that offer lice treatments. Many parents know they have got to get good lice treatments for their loved ones as soon as possible after finding a lice infestation on their children, as the longer live lice are left untreated in the hair, the more eggs (nits) will be laid in the hair. This will result in a more harsh and uncomfortable the lice infestation.

Your Possible Options

But, parents need to first ensure that professionals offering lice treatments are established and effective. Before selecting a company from the web, parents may want to call their pediatrician or school nurse or other parents for advice on the best firms providing lice treatments. One well-respected firm, Lice Treatment Center, LLC (LTC) for example, is very much recommended and is owned and operated by a pediatrician. Their all-natural products are physician-formulated so they are safe for use on children.

Although expert, in-home lice treatments can be costly, scores of parents opt for professional help with the droning and laborious lice treatments needed to de-louse their household. Services like those available by Lice Treatment Center normally prove to be economic and time-saving and they significantly reduce stress on the whole family.

Whether a parent attempts to deal with the issue themselves or chooses to call for a professional service, it’s vital that the products for lice treatments are all-natural and non-toxic. Many products made on the market nowadays contain highly irritating usually toxic chemicals that can affect the sensitive skin of kids with rashes and stinging. LTC sells all-natural, non-toxic products under the brand names Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and Lice Insurance™ Kit. These products come very well recommended and have been used successfully for several years. Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and Lice Insurance™ products are pediatrician-formulated and tested. LTC has teams of specialized lice technicians in 18 states from coast-to-coast. Lice Treatment Center technicians conduct in-home and on-site service to thousands of families all over the United States annually. Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ shampoo, conditioner and olive oil products for lice treatments are used exclusively by LTC technicians.

LTC’s professional, on-site services are available 24/7. The expert, LTC technicians who conduct the lice treatments are professionally taught and are compassionate to client’s apprehensions. They typically arrive at a home within a few hours of a phone call. Technicians arrive with all the necessary tools and all-natural, non-toxic products needed to treat an entire family. The technician will inspect the scalp of everybody in the home for active lice infestations and if active infestations are found, the LTC technician will treat them all, removing lice and nits from every head. And if requested, LTC lice treatments can include a home cleaning service as well. Thorough nit picking by LTC’s professionals, followed by thorough aftercare by the family, will ensure highly effective results.

Liz Solovay writes about lice prevention and removal for the Lice Treatment Center. She promotes using professional lice treatment.Find out more at