Mothers are no stranger to the disruption a case of head lice can cause? The Lice Treatment Center, LLC (LTC) was founded by moms who understand the urgency of effective removal at school, at camp and-most important, at home.

When faced with a lice infestation at home, parents will often try to deal with head lice removal by buying some typical over-the-counter products such as Rid or Nix. But, some over the counter products are harsh or toxic and may possible not be effective because lice have become resistant to them. Many parents find out that head lice removal is so overwhelming that they immediately start looking for a qualified professional head lice removal service to quickly treat their problem. But, everybody should do their research before asking for a head lice removal specialist into the home to offer head lice removal treatment.

A skilled technician will be sent by the Lice Treatment Center to conduct head lice removal services on-site. LTC’s training program for its technicians was developed by LTC’s co-founder and medical director, Dr. Elin Cohen. Dr Cohen is a licensed pediatrician and lice treatment expert. LTC only makes use of the Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and Lice Insurance™ lines of pediatrician-formulated all-natural, non-toxic treatment and prevention products to conduct its head lice removal treatments.

LTC’s experienced, professional, technicians come equipped with LTC’s own Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ or Lice Insurance™ products plus all the tools required to check the whole family, evaluate the home and treat infested family members. Every person’s hair and scalp will be inspected and if live bugs or nits are discovered, the technician will treat every person using LTC’s proven head lice removal methodology.

The Removal Process After Discovery of Lice and Nits

· Apply Jolis Cheveux™ Lice Treatment Shampoo and massage it thoroughly into the scalp and leave it on the hair for approximately 20 minutes;

· Divide the hair into about 1/8 inch segments. (The shampoo will not kill the lice nits (eggs), which must be removed by carefully combing them out with a professional lice comb.)

· Comb through each section of hair and thoroughly remove any dead bugs and nits (eggs);

· Apply Jolis Cheveux™ Treatment Conditioner, rinse and blow dry the hair;

· Repeat the above sectioning and combing process carefully;

· After hair is clean, apply Jolis Cheveux™ Olive Oil Treatment to the scalp where it must remain overnight;

· Shampoo hair the following morning then comb through the hair to ensure removal of any residual nits or egg shells.

Following treatment, LTC technicians will aid in evaluating the home environment. LTC also offers an in-house lice treatment service designed to help a family get back to normal as soon as possible. Everybody treated must follow a certain aftercare protocol outlined by LTC procedure for at least 7 days to 10 days to ensure total head lice removal.

LTC’s all-natural and non-toxic treatment and prevention products include:

Jolis Cheveux™ by LTC Products

· Complete Lice Treatment Pack

· Complete Lice Prevention Pack

· Olive Oil Treatment

· Lice Treatment Shampoo

· Lice Treatment Conditioner

· Leave-in Hair Tonic Spray

· Fabric and Upholstery Spray

· Daily Lice Prevention Shampoo

· Daily Lice Prevention Conditioner

· Helmet Spray

· Bunk Spray

Lice Insurance™

· Lice Treatment Kit

· Lice Prevention Kit

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