Visitors and residents to the Nutmeg State better ensure they be familiar with where to get professional lice treatment. Connecticut parents and out of state visitors have to be mindful all year round. In the winter, scores of Connecticut families and tourists from all over the world go to local ski resorts to enjoy downhill and cross-country skiing and snow boarding. At lodges and hotels, in ski resorts like Powder Ridge, Woodbury, Ski Sundown and Mohawk Mountain lice may be lurking. Unfortunately, head lice can show up even in snowy areas. In fact, these most unwelcome arrivals take advantage of the close physical contact in crammed winter venues like ski lodges, saunas and additional venues to hike on unwary visitors. So, it’s important to always know how to find lice treatment. Connecticut parents and tourists should all be alert.

Summer Time Lice Treatment

Though we know that head lice are frequent travelers worldwide, the Summer is peak time for families to be watchful at both overnight and day camps. Sad, but true, Connecticut camps have discovered that foreign visitors very frequently bring lice with them from their home countries. To keep away from lice infestations at camps, many now conduct head lice checks on all incoming campers. Very often, they discover that many kids from foreign areas show up at camps with lice. But, well-prepared camp administrators make arrangements ahead of time to have the Lice Treatment Center, LLC® provide head checks and, when needed, immediate lice treatment. Connecticut camps have to be prepared to eradicate lice at camps quickly and professionally lest the fiasco an entire camp season for campers and personnel.

After Summer and all through the academic year, everyone must make sure they know where to find lice treatment. In Connecticut, all parents should carefully monitor their families during and after school vacations if they travel to populous tourist spots, the seashore, local movie theaters and amusement parks. Everyone, local residents and tourists alike, should be careful if they take a trip on buses or in taxis where head lice and nits live repeatedly left behind by other travelers. And when they go back to school after a vacation, kids with unnoticed cases of head lice and nits acquired while gone may transfer living bugs and nits to other classmates who share cubbies and coat closets, gym equipment and locker rooms. So, parents and teachers need to be weary of potential lice infestations and know where to get hold of qualified lice treatment. Connecticut is home to the leading company for dispensing removal services and all natural treatment and prevention products, the Lice Treatment Center®.

Head Lice Treatment and Prevention All Year Long

It’s difficult to avoid mingling with crowds anywhere in during every vacation season. But, you can minimize the chances of getting head lice by frequently using 100% all-natural, non-toxic lice prevention products such as Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and the new Lice Insurance™ Lice Prevention Kits shampoos, conditioners, leave-in hair tonics, fabric and upholstery spray, and helmet spray are excellent preventive products to reduce the the oddsof having to look for professional head lice treatment. Connecticut salons and pharmacies as well as and LTC’s online store propose all LTC products.

Liz Solovay writes about lice prevention and removal for the Lice Treatment Center. She promotes lice treatment in Connecticut (CT)l. Find out more at