Based on the wise words of Dr. Elin Cohen, co-founder and medical director of Lice Treatment Center, LLC, the best lice treatment is a mixture of working, all-natural non-toxic products and specialized lice and nit removal techniques.

Dr. Cohen, who’s a board certified pediatrician and lice treatment specialist, significantly researched the most useful approaches to making the best lice treatment system achievable. She developed the LTC’s lice treatment and prevention training program–a must for all LTC professional technicians and is considered to be one of the greatest lice treatment training programs offered. Dr. Cohen also researched and formulated the complete series of all-natural, non-toxic products available from the Lice Treatment Center (LTC) and marketed under the Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and Lice Insurance™ brands. At present, LTC’s combination of products and services is physician-recommended as one of the best lice treatment and prevention systems around.

Choose Lice Treatment Products Carefully

The most common over the counter products for hair lice treatments are pyrethin- or permethrin-based shampoos and rinses, like Nix and Rid. But, these are not the best lice treatment products to utilize. In actuality, several strains of head lice are resistant to these products, some of which are toxic and should strictly be used once a week. Because of this, physicians recommend all-natural and non-toxic like the Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ as one of the greatest lice treatment product choices. These products have proven especially effective in eliminating both live (or adult) lice and their nits (or eggs).

Why are LTC’s products considered some of the best lice treatment products on the market? Jolis Cheveux by LTC™ and Lice Insurance™ products contain simply all natural ingredients that aren’t diluted. Thus, these products will be more effective in helping treat and prevent head lice. LTC’s treatment products are safe to use daily for a full week proceeding a treatment to prevent re-infestation. And the preventative products are made in such a way as to be safe for use by children. Although the Jolis Cheveuex™ and Lice Insurance™ products are used solely by Lice Treatment Center’s professional technicians, they can also be effectively used by customers who follow the directions carefully and follow the continuing aftercare instructions.

LTC’s line of hair lice products are its Jolis Cheveux™ environmental sprays-Helmet Spray, Bunk Spray, Fabric and Upholstery Spray. These environmentally safe products are created to be the best lice treatment and avoidance products made specifically to deter and destroy head lice. The helmet Spray is the most potent formula and can be used to keep all shared sports equipment-hats, helmets, mats-lice free. Bunk Spray, our second strongest environmental spray, keeps camp places and housing lice free. And our Fabric and Upholstery Spray is formulated to repel and destroy lice on fabrics. It can be taken to the movies and airplanes and trains for use on any shared fabric surface.

Hundreds of families, camps and schools will agree the Lice Treatment Center LLC provides the greatest lice treatment and prevention services present.

Liz Solovay writes about lice prevention and removal for the Lice Treatment Center. She promotes the utilization of professional LTC Lice Removal Services.Find out more at