The experience level and expertise of a nit picker can have a great effect on the long-term effectiveness of lice treatment. Effective lice treatment shampoos and conditioners will eliminate live lice (or bugs) but, they will not kill the nits (or eggs) that are the cause of re-infestation if they are not thoroughly removed. Nits can stay alive after being treated by lice treatment products unless they are manually removed (or picked) from the hair because they are simply “glued” to the hair shaft.

Locate the Help of an Expert

The most effective way to assure lice removal is to call on the expertise of a trained nit picker such as one of Lice Treatment Center’s professionally trained technicians. An LTC nit picker will inspect a child’s or adult’s whole scalp and hair– bit by bit, seeking live lice and nits and then will manually rid the hair of live bugs as well as the lice eggs (or nits). It’s a tedious and time-consuming job and needs exemplary eyesight. The nit picker must not only remove live bugs that have latched onto the hair but also, the tiny lice eggs or nits that cling to each hair shaft. Even though it can be a droning task, nit picking is necessary to functional head lice treatment. An LTC professional nit picker will hunt down nits and get rid of all of them.

Despite the fact that the most effective step in head lice elimination is nit picking, it’s a very long process. Most parents simply don’t have the time to search every strand of a child’s hair for any signs of nits or lice and manually remove lice from their children’s hair. Many parents call a professional nit picker from LTC for that task for them. An LTC nit picker will do all of the messy work needed to ensure that all lice and nits are removed. LTC’s technician will also recommend using the most effective preventive products and practices available in order to avoid future infestations. LTC’s technicians work with only LTC’s very own Jolis Cheveux™ line of all-natural, organic and non-toxic products.

Observation and Careful Aftercare is Key

Some people are really hesitant about acting as a nit picker for their family. A lot of parents are quick to give boys really short crew cuts or chop off a girl’s long hair so as to to prevent lice. This simply isn’t needed. Meticulous nit picking will still be necessary on hair of any length so as to ensure that no tiny, truly difficult to see nits stay attached to the hair shafts. An LTC technician will come to your house equipped with a magnifying light so that he or she can spot those tiny residual eggs. Sometimes even the most meticulous nit picker may not be able to find every last microscopic nit during the first treatment. That’s why aftercare treatment of daily inspecting, oil applications, shampoos and combing must be continued for at least 7-10 days following a lice treatment.

Liz Solovay writes about lice prevention and removal for the Lice Treatment Center. She promotes the effectiveness in the utilization of a professional nit picker.Find out more at